termite control orange countyAmong the species of insects that damage wood, and there are several, termites cause the most damage. Each year approximately $5 billion dollars of damage is done to homes, in many cases without the homeowners being aware of what is happening until the damage has become extensive. Unlike some other wood damaging insects, such as carpenter bees, termites do not publicize their presence. Preferring to retain a low profile, many residents do not know they have a termite infestation until their property exhibits surface damage or a termite inspector in Orange County informs them.

Anyone who knows or merely suspects their homes are experiencing wood damage to their home or any structure on their property should immediately call a termite inspector in Orange County. However, the best course of action is to call ahead of the need and prevent damage from termites. While our home is the most important structure on our properties, that does not mean that garages, tool sheds, pool changing rooms and even trees cannot be allowed to harbor termites. Any activity by these pests requires a call to a termite extermination in Orange County because a termite colony will not stay in one location. Termites will spread from one structure to another. Additionally, the property owner cannot be certain that where they are seeing termites or evidence of their activity is where the infestation began. That garage or out building may be the secondary location with your home having been their first location.

images (1)Free Termites Inspections – Wondering if your home has termites? You don’t have to pay to find out. A free visit from a termite inspector in Orange County can provide you with the following:

  • Termites Extermination & RemovalA variety of methods are used for termite extermination in Orange County. It takes a professional such as those employed by Termite Orange County to determine the best method or combination of methods to use in a particular situation.
  • Regular MonitoringFor a small charge, professionals from Termite Orange County can routinely inspect your property automatically to monitor for termites. In addition to protecting your property from the damage termites do, subscribing to termite monitoring increases your home’s resale value.
  • Building ModificationsPart of what Termite Orange County does is educate our clients on how to prevent termites from taking up residence in your home. In many cases, a simple building modification to bar easy access to your residence or other building is enough to dissuade termites. Avoid wood to soil contact, reducing moisture necessary to support a termite colony or increasing ventilation can make a structure unappealing to these pests.

When choosing a company to perform termite extermination in Orange County, it is a good idea to think ahead. Termites may not be the only unwanted pests you will need to eliminate. Termite Orange County is able to perform the following services in addition to our termite inspection and extermination services.

  • Bed bug inspection, treatment and extermination
  • Exterminate a number of other insects
  • Rodent capture and disposal
  • Education in prevent measures

If you have even the slightest inkling that your home may have termites, do not put off calling for help. Call Termite Orange County at 714-362-4424 immediately, and keep your home safe from termites.